I come here once again to show you what we have been through in the last weeks.

We have created a complex system for galleons with several new aspects. For those who do not know, the expansion “High Seas Adventures” brought to Ultima Online new boats in the style of galleons.
And that is where we are working right now.
The plan is to add this system as early as possible to be intensively tested, mainly because we believe that this system in the way we are developing will change the naval experience and bring pvp to the sea as well!

Here are some new aspects about what will be coming together with the galleons / boats:

– It will be possible to add new pieces to galleons to customize and improve their status.
(We are inspired by the old super nintendo game, Rock n ‘Roll Racing, where each added piece improves certain aspects of the vehicle)

– It will be possible to increase the speed of boats with new parts (updates).

– It will be possible to paint the galleons in different colors. Colors can be acquired by;
buying from vendors, through fishing or looting.

– The movement is now smooth and fluent, improving the gameplay.

– It will no longer be necessary to send text commands to the tillerman to move the boats.
Now the movement works by using the mouse, in the same way a horse is ridden.

Epic sea battles!
– Galleons can be equipped with weapons, different types and levels of cannons!
– Galleons can also be damaged in pvp and the crew killed. (More details coming soon)

We chose to follow this path and left certain improvements, such as thief skills, for a brief future.
A lot of stuffs are not 100% yet but this is nothing unusual coming from a Zulu Hotel server, where certain skills unfortunately never worked properly.
We will go back to fix the basic systems soon.

We are preparing everything for the alpha phase where we expect your help to test and prepare the shard for the final phase.
Several changes need to be tested, for example; The new map, boat system, race system, travel system, etc.

Our site, forum, wikipedia (info-vault) and the interactive world map are already “finalized”.
But, they are not really ready because there is always something to test, change or improve.
We are just waiting for the right moment, if there is a right moment, to open access to everyone.

– Pumpkins