Initial Clarifications

Attention! Giant explanatory text! 

First of all we would like to thank everyone for the great interest and encouragement!

To answer most of the questions that have been asked in the last few days we decided to explain a little bit about who we are and what we are planning.

The Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms project was born mostly because of the lack of a decent server based on the Zulu Hotel scripts. With the sad ending of Zulu Hotel New Age the community was left without a good server to play.
The idea came mid-2016 while playing in a ZH shard. Not satisfied with the experience and tired of jumping from shard to shard, macroing all over again and from the various unsuccessful attempts, we came to the conclusion that we should
start our own project the way we expected.

Nowadays with help of Steam platform and “indie” programmers and developers, pixelated games have returned to fashion. What has been labeled “old game” for many years has turned into “pixel-art” and that’s how we see Ultima Online again.
The experience of playing Ultima Online has not been surpassed by any game until today and so little by its successor “Shroud of the avatar”. Although Ultima Online is 20 years old, the community remains very strong and active. No more being quantity but quality.
Currently we have access to UO editing and scripting tools that in the old days we used to dream about.

Starting a Ultima Online server requires a lot of free time and a lot of hard work, but we know that.
We know that the Zulu Hotel’s open source script is a script from 2001, a script that was made for POL093-095 and converted precariously to newer versions of the POL emulator.
In the POL community the ZH script is known as “spaghetti” because it is a confusion of scripts where several people made modifications without having the proper knowledge.
This means for our team that we will have a long journey to update the script completely, updating functions and in some cases recreating the script with a better logic and with the new possibilities that newer versions of POL099 offers.

All planned script revamp would not be possible without the help of Cronos and Dev GIB. They both are outstanding E-scripters and have a vast experience with the POL emulator.
There is no system that can not be done or a bug that can not be fixed. With the help of these two great scripters our project will have no limits.
Unfortunately we had no success contacting the staff of Zulu Hotel New Age. So we decided to move on with a new staff.
Our team has no ties to previous staffs, that means we do not have any access to the old scripts and will not be able to revive old accounts.

The worst experience I had playing at a Zulu Hotel shards were not the bugs, imbalances or waking up to just see my crafter dead. The worst experience was corruption.
To play in a shard where you dedicate months training to discover that other players had advantages and that the staff itself did not know how to value their own shard.
That way we decided to keep the staff small and between people we know well. The world is already corrupt enough, we do not need to bring this to our hobby.

The following list gives you a little idea of ​​how we are organizing our shard :

– There will be no donor area. Donations are welcome but no privileges will be granted. Cosmetic items as a sign of gratitude may be given as a reward.
– Safe zone is an issue that will be debated in the future with the help of our community.
– An account with at least one character (level 1) will never be deleted from the system. Only levelless accounts are removed after a certain amount of time. The time invested will not be lost.
– Zulu hotel classic with 6 classes, 6 levels and 6 races. (A new system to improve races is in development)
– Our shard runs with the latest version of Pol099.
– The script initially used is an old version of Zulu Hotel Paradise in pol098 and converted by ourselves to POL099.
– Our shard supports the new High Sea Advantures expansion. The client version will be revealed in the future. New boats, new creatures, new mounts and new realms are being added little by little (Because of our small staff team only Britannia and Ilshenar will be Initially available).
– Our shard has an improved map of Britannia with new towns and dungeons made with great attention to details by our Staff.
– The shard rate will be medium/hard with “Power Hour” – Power Hour is a new system that replaces the macro test. At certain times the skills rate will drop making skills easier to raise.
– We have a Wikipedia (info Vault) in Portuguese and English that will be updated over the years.

And now we welcome everyone to follow our project and Facebook page for more updates.
The success of this project also depends on the community and the interest of everyone.
We would also like to hear suggestions and opinions on certain subjects on how to configure our shard.
Soon our forum will be available for polls.

Thank you very much for your attention.
– Pumpkins