Maps and region system

At the moment we are completely reviewing the regions and containers systems (containers, chests, bags, corpses, etc).
Both are primary systems and are the “roots” of our code, unfortunately the revision is necessary and will cost us a certain amount of time.
Once these two systems are finalized we will go to bug fixes and new systems.
The balancing process will begin when we reach the alpha stage.

Along with the revision of the two systems mentioned above we are also perfecting our map, as for example,
decorating empty cities, adding new dungeons and creating a capital for each race.

The first capital we would like to show is located at the same place where YEW city was.
The elven capital (that currently does not have a name) will be the home and starting point of everyone who chooses to play as an Elven.

In order to not spoil the surprise we will show only a few parts of the city.

Remember that we still in the development stage
and the final product may be completely different from what we are showing.

Best regards,
– Pumpkins