New spawnpoint system

In this post we want to inform you how things are going.

We didn’t post in the last few weeks because we preferred to use the time to accelerate the project.

Our site, forum and wikipedia are practically ready for the first phase. Soon we will give access to the page.

The first version of the map is nearing its end with only 2 remaining cities to be reviewed.
Some stores are still without decoration, but around 90% is ready.

In my opinion the best part of the map and what caused us the most work was to make the whole sea transparent.
This gives us some possibilities we did not have before. Like for example aquatic treasure hunting and makes ultima online seas much more pleasant to look at.
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New Traveling system

Goblin Capital

The last 3 weeks have been really hard for our little team.
The work on the region system is almost over, and now we’re going to start adding new systems and fixes to the shard.

We also added to the shard map a new version of Delucia. Delucia will be the capital of the goblin race.

In the primordium this city belonged to the High-elves, but for unknown reasons that race disappeared
leaving behind only the town of Delucia that today is a ruin taken by the goblins.
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