Patch 06.11.2018

New update with corrections in configuration and scripts of npcs. Changes made in .guards command and several preparations made for the test phase.

For more details visit: Patch 06.11.2018

Patch 30.08.2018

New update with several fixes, balancing and cleaning.

For more details visit: Patch 30.08.2018


I come here once again to show you what we have been through in the last weeks.

We have created a complex system for galleons with several new aspects. For those who do not know, the expansion “High Seas Adventures” brought to Ultima Online new boats in the style of galleons.
And that is where we are working right now.
The plan is to add this system as early as possible to be intensively tested, mainly because we believe that this system in the way we are developing will change the naval experience and bring pvp to the sea as well!
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