ZuluHotel Discord

ZuluHotel Discord

Hello everyone, as I’m often receiving messages with questions about the project I decided to clarify a few things and talk about some news + ZuluHotel Discord channel.

The project is NOT over, I’m still working on it and a lot has been done in recent months.

This year, that is about to end, has been very busy and full of setbacks that delayed the development. I prefer to not post a date for the testing phase now because I don’t know if it will be possible to accomplish, but what I can offer is to reopen the forum and the discord chat for those interested in following the project more closely. In recent months I preferred to spend my free time developing the server and ended up not posting the news.

I will return to post regularly news here on the site, facebook and forum.

Zulu Hotel Discord Link:

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

– Pumpkins.

Patch 06.11.2018

New update with corrections in configuration and scripts of npcs. Changes made in .guards command and several preparations made for the test phase.

For more details visit: Patch 06.11.2018

Patch 30.08.2018

New update with several fixes, balancing and cleaning.

For more details visit: Patch 30.08.2018

Galleons in ZuluHotel

Galleons in ZuluHotel

We have created a complex system for galleons with several new aspects. For those who do not know, the “High Seas Adventures” expansion brought new boats to Ultima Online in the style of galleons and that is what we plan to add to ZuluHotel Ultima Online Free Shard now.

The plan is to add galleons to ZuluHotel as early as possible to be intensively tested, mainly because we believe that this system in the way we are developing will change the naval experience and bring pvp to the sea as well!
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New spawnpoint system

In this post we want to inform you how things are going.

We didn’t post in the last few weeks because we preferred to use the time to accelerate the project.

Our site, forum and wikipedia are practically ready for the first phase. Soon we will give access to the page.

The first version of the map is nearing its end with only 2 remaining cities to be reviewed.
Some stores are still without decoration, but around 90% is ready.

In my opinion the best part of the map and what caused us the most work was to make the whole sea transparent.
This gives us some possibilities we did not have before. Like for example aquatic treasure hunting and makes ultima online seas much more pleasant to look at.
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New Traveling system

Goblin Capital

The last 3 weeks have been really hard for our little team.
The work on the region system is almost over, and now we’re going to start adding new systems and fixes to the shard.

We also added to the shard map a new version of Delucia. Delucia will be the capital of the goblin race.

In the primordium this city belonged to the High-elves, but for unknown reasons that race disappeared
leaving behind only the town of Delucia that today is a ruin taken by the goblins.
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Recreating Wind

In our last post we showed you the city of the elves that got already some great new changes.
This week and in the coming months we would like to continue showing the changes made to our map.
The next town that had a total revamp is WIND!
Wind will be one of the cities of dark elfs and to host this exotic race we decided to give a darker touch to it.
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Maps and region system

At the moment we are completely reviewing the regions and containers systems (containers, chests, bags, corpses, etc).
Both are primary systems and are the “roots” of our code, unfortunately the revision is necessary and will cost us a certain amount of time.
Once these two systems are finalized we will go to bug fixes and new systems.
The balancing process will begin when we reach the alpha stage.
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Initial Clarifications

Attention! Giant explanatory text! 

First of all we would like to thank everyone for the great interest and encouragement!

To answer most of the questions that have been asked in the last few days we decided to explain a little bit about who we are and what we are planning.

The Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms project was born mostly because of the lack of a decent server based on the Zulu Hotel scripts. With the sad ending of Zulu Hotel New Age the community was left without a good server to play.
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