Version: 1.0 - 12.05.2018

1. General Explanations

Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms is a game server created to provide entertainment to its members, both players and staffs in general. As such, we implement and uphold rules so that through the course of gameplay no harm can come to yourself or other players. Rules have been created and must be followed by all players, including Staff members. The lack of understanding or ignorance of the rules is no reason to violate them. If in doubt, consult any member of the Staff or access our discord chat or forum.

Players who become aware of rule breakers should contact server administration through the same email.

a) By creating an account at Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms you are automatically accepting all the rules described here.
b) Staff members, with privileges starting from Admin, have the power to judge and apply penalties different from those specified in the rules, in special and unforeseen circumstances.
c) Rules can be changed at any time. However, any changes will be posted on the main page of the Site.

2. General Rules

2.1In general, any act that may disturb the game, the server function, which causes extra work for the Staff members or that damages other players experience outside of realm of standard gameplay, will be considered to be a violation of the rules and, therefore, punishable in accordance with the transgression.

2.2Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms rules that are infringed outside of the game, in public forums, chat rooms, online communities and etc., may also prohibit the user from using the system as a whole.

2.3 Players are liable to lose their accounts even if they have been purchased with real money if they violate server rules. Such persons shall forfeit the right to restitution of accounts and the items associated with it. These assets will be destroyed and the account deleted.

2.4Please do not disconnect if approached by a Staff member within the game. Staff members usually watch all players for several minutes before appearing, and it is considered a very unlikely coincidence that you disconnect just as they are approached.

2.5All players, when in the presence of a Staff member, whether ingame or not, should have consideration and respect when speaking.

2.6 If in doubt whether something is allowed or not, always use common sense, or consult a staff member or a more experienced player to find more about.

2.7Discrimination of: color, creed, race, origin, sex, ideology or any other type is absolutely prohibited and will result in punishment.

3. Bugs

Bugs are flaws in game programming that allow things happen that were not intended..

3.1Using a bug for personal or other benefit is absolutely illegal resulting in punishment.

3.2 It is mandatory to report bugs to the staff. Anyone found hiding or omitting bugs will be treated as a cheater and will receive punishment as such.

3.3We may offer rewards to all those who help us find flaws that may bring problems in the economy or in the experience of the game as a whole.

4. Staff

Staff Team“, or simply Staff, is what the people who administer the server are called. These people take care of the maintenance of the system, besides programming it, and do so voluntarily. They are also responsible for the site and the entire process involving the Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms.
The staff hierarchy consists, in ascending order: Counselor (CN), Seer, Game Master (GM), Administrator (Admin) and Developer.

4.1 All Staff members have the identification of their position as a prefix to their name, except for Developers.

4.2Staff Members MUST wear uniforms, with color according to their positions, according to the following table.

Counselor – Blue
Seer – Green
GM – Red
Admin – Black
Developer – N / A

Exemptions are applied to staff participating in roleplays quests and other events.

4.3If a Staff member can not solve something, he will appeal to his superior. If this is unavailable, the Staff in question will ask the player to try to contact the Staff Team again later, via email, forum, discord, or to wait. Patience is requested during these times.

4.4 – Punishments applied by a Staff member shall not be revoked by another Staff member. Complaints about questionable punishments should be sent by email, and will be judged by Admins and / or Developers.

4.5Staff should not interact with players, influence personal disputes, or assist in the trade of items. To the Staff, any form of interaction with the game is prohibited.

4.6Players are protected from aggression when they are in the presence of a Staff member.

5. Accounts

Account is where the characters of the player are located.
It can be accessed through the account login and password.

5.1 – Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms is not responsible for the improper handling of your Login and password. The server expressly recommends that the password be changed periodically and that the account it is not lent, under any circumstances, to any person.

5.2 – The usage of third party accounts or having your account used by third parties is not an excuse for any breach of the rules.

5.3 – Sales of accounts must be made only with the consent of the Staff, paying a symbolic fee of $ 10.00 for official update of the buyer’s data, change of name of the characters, sex, race. The Staff is not responsible for accounts sold without your consent, and it can be recovered by its previous owner requesting the recovery of the password.

5.4 – The server is not responsible for account hacking. The responsibility for the account is solely the responsibility of the user.

5.5 – The recovery of an account lost by loss of e-mail and / or password can be made for payment of $ 10.00. Payment will only be accepted once it has been proven that the account, in fact, belongs to the paying player.

5.6The Staff will never, under any circumstances, ask you to enter your password. The only place where we ask for your login and password is when connecting to the server. If someone asks for your password or if they pretend to be a Staff, or if any Staff ask for your password, report it.

5.7 – Accounts and characters will only be deleted if the account is thirty (30) days inactive and without characters or characters without level.

6. Macros

“Macro” is using external programs or scripts to repeat the same action in the game to get skills or items more easily.
Using macros, or “Macroing,” is allowed in Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms as long as it does not violate any rules described in this set of rules, especially those described below.

– Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms is not responsible for improper use of macros. For example;  game crashes, accidental deaths of the characters during the macro, if the server restarts, etc.

6.2 – The permitted macro programs are those available on our website. Using any other program may result in skill reduction or account lockout.

7. Pages (Contacting the staff)

Pages are a method for the player to contact staff members for clarification of doubts and troubleshooting within the game. Other ways to get in touch with the staff are through the forum, e-mail and discord.

7.1 – Pages should be clear, objective and simple. They should contain the problem or the doubt. If a player has a question that does not fit the description of the page, it should only be specified with which the doubt relates. Eg: “Doubt about Cooking”.

7.2 – Pages of type: “Come here”, “Please”, “Help” etc. will be ignored.

7.3 – The Staff attends pages in order of importance / urgency, not in order of arrival.

7.4 – Pages that do not comply with the rules will most often be deleted and / or ignored.

8. Houses

   A house is a building bought by players. 

8.1 – Houses and other private properties can not be placed in the following places: farms, guarded places, roads, places where the house prevents the passage to dungeons or portals, etc.

8.2 – Houses found in breach of rule 8.1 will be deleted by Staff, without right of reimbursement.

8.3 – Houses in an irregular place will be informed and will have a period of 30 (thirty) days to be removed. In case it is not fulfilled, they will be deleted by the Staff, without right of reimbursement.

8.4 – In case a player is banned, his house will be destroyed, along with all the items that are in it, even if they belong to another player.

9. Punishments

Punishments are applied based on an assessed severity as per the chart below, multiple offences of the same type will increase the severity:

Self Another Player Multiple Others Whole server
Unnoticeable Warning given Warning given Warning given Jail 4hr
Minor Jail 4hr Jail 4hr Jail 24hr
Medium Jail 24hr Jail 24hr Ban 1 day
Major Ban 1 day Ban 1 day Ban 1 week
Maximum Ban 1 week Ban 1 week Account disabled