What does FAQ mean? 
FAQ is the acronym in English that corresponds to the expression " Frequently Asked Questions",
which in Portuguese means Frequently Asked Questions.

All the information about skills, training, races, classes, resources, weapons and magical items are available on the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

Here are some frequently asked questions on shard:

Basic shard information

The skill and stats rates are set to medium at the moment, that means, it will not be possible to be gm all in a few days.

  • Maximum Characters (Chars) per account: 3
  • Maximum Clients per Computador (IP): 2
  • Number of items supported by the bank: 100
  • Decay time of NPC bodies: 10 min
  • Tempo de decay two players corpos: 15 min
  • Decay time of non-static items: 20 min
  • Skills disabled: 10
  • NPC Train to: 30%
  • Guards Instant Kill: Yes
  • Loot within the city: Forbidden
  • Skills Difficulty: Medium

About the game

Q: What is Ultima online?

A : Ultima Online (UO) is the first commercially released Massive Multiplayer On-Line Role Play Games (MMORPG) on September 30, 1997 by Origin Systems. It was once one of the three most played MMORPGs in the world. The game is set in a universe similar to the other Ultima series games in a medieval setting. Ultima Online is cited in the Guinness Book of 1999 and 2006 as the online game with the highest number of players in the world at the same time. Its success is due in large part by the Ultima series. In 2003 the game reached the peak of 250’000 players.

Q: What is Shard?

A: Shard is the name given to a Ultima Online server, in our case we are the Shard Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms or simply Forgotten Realms.

Q: Why Zulu Hotel?

A : The name Zulu Hotel is given because the script database of the shard is of origin Zulu Hotel (ZH) which has its own characteristics. Zulu Hotel was an Ultima Online server based on classes and races and created a different experience from the official Ultima Online clone servers.

The Zulu Hotel Forgotten Realms had its origin after some players who played in several  Zulu hotel based shards and not satisfied with the outcome of the shards. So they decided to create their own server using the original open source code that was released.


Q: What is the Client?

A: The “client” is the program used to play Ultima Online on your computer. On a slightly more technical level, a “client” is a program on your computer that is used to access information on another computer, called a server. Your web browser acts as a client, acquiring information from the servers hosting web sites. In this case, the UO client accesses information on UO’s servers, called shards.

Q: Can I play on Forgotten Realms with an older Ultima Online installation? (e.g. Renaissance, Age of Shadows, etc.)

A: Yes, technically you may be able to play, but we do not give any kind of support to people trying to use any version other than the version supported by our server. You will not be able to take advantage of the new maps and new features introduced with the 7 client update. You will have compatibility issues  and crashes. For a complete gameplay experience, we recommend installing the latest version available for download in the Downloads section of our website.

Q: Can I play in Forgotten Realms if I have a Linux PC or Mac?

A: Ultima Online can only run on Microsoft Windows. Anyway, we may add some options to run UO in linux and Mac in the future, but for now you can use an emulator or a virtual machine (eg. Wine, Virtualbox, VMWare, Parallels …)

Q: My client crashes when I enter the world.

A:  This can happen for several reasons; – Only use the Ultima Online and Client of our Shard. Different versions are often not compatible. – Do not change any files in the Ultima Online directory – Delete the folder relative to the name of your account inside the “Desktop” folder where you installed the game.
Eg: C:\Games\Ultima Online\Desktop\Jackson 

Q: My client is not saving the macros, what should I do?

A: Make sure you are running in Windows Compatibility Mode.

Account creation and management

Q:  How do I create an account?

A:  To create an account you only have to enter the desired login and password when you log in (connect) to the server, both must have at least 6 digits. Accounts are created automatically the first time you try to connect to the shard.

Q: How many characters can I have online at the same time?

A:  Two clients per IP / person.

Q: I’ve lost my login credentials, how can I recover them?

A: Contact the Staff through discordapp or Forum. Specify your account name and the associated email address (set by you in-game)

Q: Does my account / char decay after a certain amount of time?

A: Yes and no, accounts without any character or email linked to it will be deleted after a certain amount of time. Accounts with characters with less than 700 skill points that have been inactive for more than 30 days will be deleted. Accounts with at least 1 character who have a total of skills above 700 points (lvl 1) will never be deleted and you will always be able to use it no matter how long you didn’t login/play.

Q: I created 2 accounts and can not create more accounts.

A: You can only create two accounts for a certain period of time. You are only allowed to have two accounts per person / IP address. If you still need more accounts for any reason, you’ll have to wait until you’re allowed to create more.


Q:  I got stuck in a hole or I can not get out of a place. What should I do?

A: Use the help menu and click “I’m stuck and need help” this option will kill and lock the character for 1 hours. At the end of 1 hour your character will be teleported to his/her hometown.

Q:  Any action I take gets the message: “You’re already doing something else”

A:  Quit the game (logout) and log in again.

Q: I can not get past the “Entering Britannia” message during logging in.

A: Your character will not leave instantly and will remain connected to the Ultima Online world for a few minutes. This will cause the client to display an “Entering Britannia” message while you attempt to log on a different character. To solve this, log-out at an Inn (hotel) with an innkeeper or at your house.


Q: I died, how do I resurrect / revive?

A:  Go walking to a city, find a npc called “healer” or “highpriest”, stay in war mode and walk to him. In order for the healer to complete your life, move away from him and get close again. This only works with the healer, the highpriest just ress you. – Blue Healers only resurrect blue players. Red Healer resurrects all players and high priest as well.

Q: I died on an island, what do I do?

A:  Go near to your boat and within a few minutes you will be resurrected. (Remember to leave your boat as close to the ground as possible when landing somewhere)


Q: What are Classes?

A:  In role-playing games (RPGs), a common method of arbitrating the abilities of different characters in the game is to assign each character to a class. A character class adds various skills and abilities. Classes can be considered to represent archetypes, or specific careers.

Q: How do I know which class is best for me?

A:  Enter the session  classes  of our wikipedia, in it you can see what each class does, pros and cons, and you will know which skills belongs to each class.

Q: How do I know when I level up in a class?

A:  When logged in, enter the command “.showclass”. If you do not have any level, the msg “You are not in any specific class” will appear. If you do, it will appear for example; “You are a qualified level 1 warrior.”

Skills & Stats

Q: What are Skills?

A: Skills are abilities that can be learned by doing an action (not to be confused with stats). Each skill has a description, explanation of the game mechanics and a guide how to train it to the maximum. Detailed tables are also part of many of our wikipedia articles.

Q: How do I train skills in an NPC?

A: Stand next to an NPC and type “vendor train”.

Q: When I try to move, I get the message: “You’re too fatigued to move”

A:  It’s a sign that your “Stamina” is close to zero. This happens if you are carrying too much weight (weight in the status window), or if you are hungry (it is verified through the .hungry command). If you are very hungry (dying of hungry), you will also miss actions more often, such as spells.

Q: Why is my character not regenerating life and / or stamina?

A:  You’re probably hungry. Type .hungry to know your character’s hunger level, if you are Dying of hungry your stamina and your life will not regenerate. Npcs sell food in cities.

Q: How can I delete or unlearn a skill?

A: Open your “Paperdoll” and click on the “Skills” button. Look for the desired skill and next to it is a small arrow, click the small arrow until it points down. After you flip the arrow down, use the skill until you reach the amount you want.


Q: What is Macro?

A:  Macro is to repeat actions several times, eg you want to train Anatomy instead of clicking on Skill and Char, you can record this action and let it do it automatically.

Q: Is macroing allowed on Forgotten Realms?

A: Yes, you can macro anything anywhere you wish, except macroing while calling guards or spamming text messages repeatedly.

Q: Can I use external support software (such as Razor, UOAssist, UOSteam …)?

A: Yes, you can use them, but the staff team does not offer any support regarding the use of external software. If you have problems with them, you can ask other players for help on the Forum or directly in the game. 

Q: What is spar?

A:  It is a way to raise skills that some players use. You choose an opponent and fight against him without killing him.


Q: How do I get to other cities?



Q: Why my pickaxe breaks all the time?

A:  Because you may not belong to the  crafters class and if your str. (strength) and mining skill are too low it will be breaks very frequent. We recommend that you create your own items instead of buying them to save money.

Q: How do I get kindling?

A:  Click 2x on your knife and click 1x on the tree.

Q: How do I get leather from animals or other resources from dead npc?

A:  Click 2x on any weapon (Fencing or Sword) that is in your bag and click on the dead npc, if you success it will appear in the npc loot, there are some npc that can not be cut, then the message “you can not cut this … “

Q: How do you mount and dismount the horse?

A:  Double click on the horse to mount it (can not be in war mode), to get off the horse  double click on you (can not be in war mode).

Q: How do I feed my animals? When I try to feed my horse during the spar, it just does not eat …

A:  Depending on the type of animal, it eats one type of food. Horses are herbivorous, so no use giving fried fish or chops to him. If you always walk with tamados horses or spar with horses, try to have in the bag fruits or vegetables. Pears are the favorite of horses … Already for animals like Dogs and wolves, give me meat in general.